BDC301: ‘Week 13’

Our last assignment was the individual mixing assignment. I found it very low key and actually relaxing, it was a great end of class assignment to do ourselves because we had full creative power and could have done anything to it. After handing it in, I realized that to drastically change the song i picked, i could have added some techno beats and made a MIDI remix out of my track, which would have been interesting and maybe a little humourous.


BDC301: Week 12

When it came time to do the audio for video assignment, it was my favourite one. Voice dubbing Kim from the movie “Taken” was fun but also a little complicated because she was pretty much crying the whole time, so it was a little tricky to recreate her sadness- especially syncing all the sniffles sighs and gasps. The second day we worked on it, the computer froze and we lost everything we did that day and had to recreate everything we worked on in 5 hours in 1 hour which was very stressful. We managed to do it and had to roll with it, then when we went to the mac lab we found our original files! which was great, but we really could have used the hour that we rushed and scrambled for in post. This was my favourite assignment not just in audio but in any of my classes this year, it was really fun and enjoyable and i learned a lot.

BDC301: Week 11

Today was the in studio practical test. The night before i had tickets to a rescheduled concert which was supposed to originally be october 2nd. However, there was a bomb threat at the sound academy where the concert was held which slowed down the whole process, the concert got cancelled at 11:30pm (supposed to start at 8) and took me almost an hour to get home, the parking lot was full and packed of angry people. I was very annoyed because i could have used that extra time to study for my test and could have slept more and maybe would not have missed my 10:00 am slot. Like i mentioned earlier, i did band recording first and not audio for video. If i did audio for video first like i was supposed to, i would have been better prepared for my foley practical test, but because i made the mistake of doing music recording first, i had not touched protools in the foley studio and did not really know how to set it up.

BDC301: Week 10

Somehow i thought my group, group D, was doing the music recording assignment first, but we were actually supposed to do the audio for video assignment, i only checked the syllabus once and obviously misread which assignment i was supposed to do, i figured it was okay though because i would have to do audio for video anyway in a few weeks so i didnt worry too much.

BDC301: Week 9

Today i think that the quiz was alright, some things i knew bang on, others i was stuck between a few answers. I liked that it was multiple choice with a few short answer questions because some of the terminology i had forgotten or wasnt exactly sure which concept they belonged to, but the multiple choice options sparked a reminder in my brain in some questions, and the short answers were not complex, big paragraphed questions- they were simplistic questions with simplistic short answers. I think that most people enjoyed the quiz and found it okay.

BDC301: Week 8

I was happy that the quiz was rescheduled a week further especially because many of us were worried because we had so many things due in various classes, it was nice to have the extra week. I really enjoyed hearing Brian talk about band recording, i love tips that he gives us, and i think it is great that we can ask a professional questions since they actually do what were learning for a living, its very inspiring. We learned how to properly hook up microphones for band recordings which was beneficial because i did not realize how complex it was, especially for the drum kit. It was also great to have Jimmy sing because it made the recording experience more real and it was nice to see how a professional like Brian interacts with his talent.

BDC301: Week 7

The audio for video workshop has been one of my favourite workshops so far, i took down thorough notes and my group had lots of fun joking around adding in certain sounds making the clip sound absurd and recording our own voices and added it to the video which was cool. However, the in class assignment this week confused me and i did not finish in time, i got half way done in class but when i went back to work on it, i made the mistake of not saving the music files on my hardrive, i just saved the protools session so i had to start again from scratch.

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